I finished off most of my Vietnam War figures, all 1/72 Italeri, based on 1p coins, so now of course I need some terrain. I’m going one foot square module boards. There will be a hill as below, and a paddy field.


White packing polysterene hacked to size, and glued down with good old PVA. The boards will all be 12mm for sturdiness. I’ve plastered external Polyfilla over the hills.


Then a quick brush of PVA and a sprinkling of builders’ sharp sand before painting and grass. In the foreground is the paddy field board, which has bamboo canes cut to size and glued with Evo-Stik AP glue. I’ve given it the sand texture and it will be painted.

Then I’ll cut some clear perspex to size, paint the underside a muddy brown/green colour, and lay that inside the square, plaster banks over the canes, and add strips of green flock to represent the rice.


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