This is the current situation, now that going into the shed would be like doing a Captain Oates.





Of course, this loft space is great, and I am very happy with the opportunities it offers for ‘stuff’ (painting, gaming, music etc).

But look what else I found, in the unconverted loft space.


These are just two of EIGHT plain wooden doors, six by two and a half. Eight of them. Plus the storage space. Desert. Normandy. Russian steppes. 6mm. 28mm. 20mm. Seems the choice is mine. How should I utilise these doors?


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  1. Andy Canham says:

    Depends on your carpentry skills, but I’d be tempted to get myself some 2×1 from B&Q and build a frame to sit them on as a really sturdy gaming table/s. Any leftover and they could make some nice shelves – I shelved out our old airing cupboard with some old heavy duty chipboard wardrobe doors – made great storage for blankets and woolies, but would also make great storage for all those armies and terrain.

    Good luck whatever you decide.



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