I’ve four boards given the rocky outcrop and sand treatment. These are 6mm miniatures, WWII. What should I do next:
Drybrush the rocks?
Add rough ground?
Add roads and oases?
Scrub – what, lichen, flock?











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  1. Gaz says:

    I always keep my lichen/scrub loose for free placement etc, or put it on small bases to stop it blowing around like tumbleweed! Same treatment for oasis and villages- use an old cd for a real thin base -plenty big enough in 6mm too!
    Maybe dry brush the rocks so they match the surrounding sand in colour….just suggestions as it looks pretty darn good!!

    • worldwarshed says:

      Thanks. I’ve a massive sack of kiln-dried builders’ sand which I used on the boards, same as on the bases. I love the idea of using CDs, I will post up what I can muster up.

  2. I would paint the rocks the same colour as the rest of the boards.
    Then I would add some patches with rougher ground here and there, nothing major and not too many. Just one or two per board perhaps.
    Then I would shade the rocks and the patches of rough ground a little bit.
    Then I would drybrush everything with the same colour to tie it all together.
    Add a little bit of scrub maybe.

    Roads, buildings, oases I would do as removable terrain that goes on top of the boards.

  3. worldwarshed says:

    I’m going to take the plunge and paint the sand and rocks. When I get a moment, it’ll be B and Q for two sandy shades of emulsion.

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