In my bid to recreate the North African desert in my shed, the folding table arrived, 6ft long and about 2 to 3 foot wide. I’ve put my sheets of 9mm MDF on. For the desert terrain I sawed them in half so I can mix up the terrain. The two nearest in the first pic are lying on a sheet of 12mm MDF, I found it’s more stable this way. I’ll need two more sheets therefore…I reckon on these ones I’ll knock up some Northern French terrain. These will sit on the table and I might use some sort of mini columns (tin cans maybe) to stack the desert sheets on top.


Another view. These are just regular polysterene that you get in packing. I glues these with PVA to the sheets, and will add some polyfilla tomorrow. This terrain will be a mix of rocky outcrops and dunes.


Now I’ve added some filler to the structures.


Now painted up with the help of the boy…



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