These were real fun to make. In the eBay mixed lot were loads of these British guns which I presume are seven or nine pounders, hopefully someone can identify them. They were painted black with green bases. I repainted them with a more desert-suitable enamel and glued them onto my bases.


I bought several strips of both standing and kneeling Eighth Army gun crews from Heroics & Ros. Using photos on the net I determined there were usually five in a crew so the aim was to make their stances and positions all different. Quite an easy paint job on them in comparison to doing the 1/76 figures I begun with. No primer, just a Humbrol base coat, dab of flesh on the face and arms, and on some crewmen’s torsos who are skins rather than shirts, dark grey boots and khaki helmets.

These were all stuck on with epoxy resin to try and disguise the lead bases of the miniatures. The sandbag defences were then affixed using PVA.

After that, PVA glue and some fine sand for the main base.



Edit: I was reliably informed that these guns are 25-pounder field guns, which I read have a six man crew, so I’ll add a figure to each base. Batteries were of eight guns, towed by Morris Quads usually. I’ll need to get a few more!


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