I had a load of German half tracks in the lot to get through, and while I had lined them up in the various stages of painting it struck me how unrealistic they all looked with no cargo in the back.

So I thought about making some crates with Milliput, but that would have been too fiddly in 6mm. I got a normal eraser from a stationery.set and sliced it up with a stanley knife. They were then painted in the nearest shade to pine I could muster.

Also in the pencil case were some staples. I straightened a few out and then bent them to make the things that hold up the canvas rooves. Stuck them in with glue.


Now for the tarps. I first tried tissue soaked with diluted PVA, but that just disintegrated, so I used a bit of old tin foil off a chocolate egg. This was malleable enough to mould into any shape needed and keep in the wrinkles like fabric.


I’m quite happy with the results.


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